First in a new series on Pirate Dog Moto….

This is Tyné, and I will be adding my voice and perspectives about this racing season. As a first year racer and a female in a male dominated sport, I want to share my experiences in the hope that it might spark others to join the sport. I feel very lucky in that there are and have been some amazing female riders in CCS Mid-West. However there are still too few women lining up on the grids!

The winter time for dreaming is over, and we’re full steam ahead in pre-season preparations. We’ve been spending a lot of time in the garage. While Bryan gets our new-to-the-track bikes ready, he is teaching me basics about how my bike works and what individual parts do. I’m finding that I really like knowing how it all works – even if I never actually turn a screw, I want to know what goes where, what it does, what it’s connected to…and how much foot pounds of torque should be on that screw!

Tonight I rode for the first time this year, taking the street bike around town. I was super excited about my hand strength, and that I didn’t feel any tweaks or pain. I’ve had problems with tendonitis in the past, so that’s always a concern of mine. I’ve been using GripMaster pretty much daily, and it’s really made a difference. I’m still on the “light tension” version, but might be able to move up to the next strength level soon! I highly recommend an article about calluses and avoiding blisters recently posted by CCS racer Bart Brejcha. Not all tips are applicable or will work for you, but it’s a great read.

So…the 2 week countdown to the CCS Mid-West season opener at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL, begins!