JP43 Training with Jason Pridmore

On Wednesday August 24th, I had the privilege of taking the Jason Pridmore’s JP 43 Training put on by I wasn’t going to do it this year, until I heard that one of my racing heroes, Caroline Olsen, would be a guest instructor. Don’t get me wrong, Jason Pridmore is fantastic, but CAROLINE!!!! 😉

My take away message is if you’re thinking about doing this, do it. Great class, awesome instructor and guest instructors. Even with a broken big toe on my right foot, I learned a TON in this course. It was worth every penny!

Jason is very clear in his approach to riding, and dealing with the barriers that most of us go through. I loved his teaching style, and Greg White did a fantastic job of jumping in and adding to the conversation. One of the great things is that Jason teaches to his audience. It’s all about improving your skills, wherever you are in your journey. And everything he talked about applied to all of us.

I’d worked previously on the elements he discussed. However, he explained it a little differently, or with a clearer idea of the problems I was experiencing, and for me some things really clicked. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to immediately get back out on track this weekend and keep practicing! I was really conscious of only riding about 70-80% of my normal, and really experimented with things. Of course I don’t have everything sorted yet, but I feel well on my way to changing some of my habits and being a smoother, more consistent rider. I think that was part of the fun for me – giving myself the approval to be uncomfortable and try some new things. If we don’t do things differently, we’ll never improve!

I had the chance to work one-on-one with three different instructors (including Johnny LaConte, Anthony Lambert, and Caroline Olsen!! Eeee!!!), and asked questions of two others outside of regular classroom conversation. Unlike sometimes when if you ask a question you feel like a burden, not only was everyone eager to listen to your issue and then help you, but they welcomed it. Jason gave feedback I think to every rider in the class at some point in the day.

I couldn’t stop smiling the entire way home, and the entire next day. We had brought a trackday newbie with us, and he and I definitely had some dueling excited chattiness on the ride home! This was an experience I’ll definitely never forget.