Shifting into 2017

We had a couple busy weekends in January while we attended the 2016 AMA Champions banquet in Columbus, Ohio, and the CCS Midwest Region banquet in Lake Delevan, Wisconsin.

I’m really glad we decided to make the trip for the AMA celebration. I earned the invite after finishing in second place in Amateur Supersport Lightweight Twins at the Road Racing Grand Championship at Road America (Elkhart Lake, WI) in July 2016. The banquet was a long night – road racing was the last group of awards – however it was really interesting to see the breadth and depth of passion for motorcycling throughout the country.  One thing that really stuck out was that road racing seems to be behind some other AMA disciplines when it comes to female participation.  Motocross, hare scrambles, and even land speed events seemed to be well represented. That made me even more determined to represent my sport positively and do what I can to encourage more women to ride.

Following the banquets, I also decided on my season goals. During 2016 I had a couple of missteps and injuries, but that season was more about getting to know my (new to me) SV650, and have some fun tagging along since Bryan was going to all the race rounds. My philosophy has always been that if you aren’t having fun, if FUN isn’t at the root of the activity, then it’s time to reevaluate your participation.

Having met my 2016 fun goal, 2017 is the year of “get better (and therefore faster)”.  I’m focused on improving my skills and experience.  I had a taste of it during one weekend in 2016 when we worked on fixing my downshifting (and just that one thing). The difference felt so amazing – and it didn’t even have anything to do with time. It was more about building my skill and knowledge and how everything just synced together during a glorious few laps. I want to feel A LOT more of that in 2017.

What are your 2017 goals?  Is it to re-find your fun? Is it to become comfortable with a new bike? I encourage you to set it now, before the season starts and life and wrenching gets in the way.