My Biggest Motorcycling Worry

My greatest anxiety/worry during a track day or race weekend is navigating the pit area. I’m a “vertically challenged” motorcyclist, and little things like knowing exactly how I’m going to get on and off the bike make my stomach churn if I don’t have a solid plan. I have driven Bryan crazy trying to figure out the best pit set-up (he now makes sure I have a chance to walk around the area, before he starts the pit set-up process!). I’ve literally lost sleep in my life worrying about tipping the bike over.

And you know what?  Stuff happens. One time riding into a wheel chock, I almost ran over Bryan and tipped the bike over. Right in front of Bart Brejcha (a really experienced and fast racer, and someone I look up to). That same weekend I also stopped where the pavement was sloping too far left, and even though my left leg was down, it was too far over to hold the bike up and BAM, over we went. One weekend my right handlebar snagged on a tire warmer hanging from our canopy, and wrenched the bike to the right (when I had my left foot down). Over we went!  Through all these incidents, there are a few things I’ve learned:

  • Even when the most embarrassing thing you can imagine happens, you’re still okay. I went out after those tip-overs and still finished those races. When we talk about my chock whoopsie, it’s more to describe and reminisce about Bryan’s ninja moves to not get run over, and then save the bike from falling (with Bart cheering him on).
  • Often there’s a funny lining. It may not be funny at first, but a lot of times this is what makes the best stories!  For me, I started a tip-over counter for the year on a local forum.
  • There is always someone else who has had an embarrassing moment. I love it when stories come out, because I can remind myself of things like “Well, I’ve never run over/taken out the transponder activation station”.

My point is, putting too much pressure on yourself, or worrying about things that “might” happen requires too much energy. It’s just not worth it. Things are going to happen, whether you worry about them or not. Find a way to accept it, and move on.