RACE REPORT — CCS Mid-West @ Blackhawk Farms Raceway

Bryan came into the August Blackhawk round hunting for those couple elusive seconds to break through the pace barrier he’d been sitting behind since last year’s big crash in July.  This would be another three-day weekend, with a practice day Saturday, racing Sunday, and a trip back to Road America for another day of CRing with MotoVid.com.

Saturday was a much-needed practice day.  Sometimes when you spend all your spare track time coaching others, attention to developing your own skills can slip, and that’s something Bryan set out to work on.  The day was spent working on pushing back some brake markers and bringing up corner speed in some key areas, as well as using some new camera mounts to better understand and adjust throttle and brake application in the absence of a full data logging system.  With plenty of open track to work with, by the end of the day he was feeling confident he could bring more to the table in Sunday’s races.

photo by Jessica Johnk

Race day saw some great racing and that elusive pace that had been missing for so long.  Capitalizing on some bad luck for Coming in Hot teammate #416 Daniel Mataczynski during the first couple laps, Bryan held 2nd place in Lightweight Supersport for nearly the entire race.  After several mistakes mid-race and seeing nothing but open track behind him, he decided to play it safe and bring it home upright rather than try to push harder in the second half.  On the final lap after waiting one corner to make a safer pass on a lapped rider, the 416 machine dashed past two turns from the checker, a move that Bryan wouldn’t be able to counter before the line, finishing 3rd.  Lightweight Superbike saw falling laptimes, with Bryan pulling three straight laps below his previous personal best — two of which were within .003 seconds of each other.  After making a second-lap pass for 7th place, Bryan put his head down and the rest of the race was clear track and drama-free riding, keeping the riders ahead of him well in sight but unable to put the extra pace forth to catch them.

After racing concluded for the day, it was off to the Milwaukee area to hook up with another Coming In Hot teammate coming back from an east coast ASRA Team Challenge round, then to Elkhart Lake for another beautiful day of control riding with MotoVid.com on Monday.  Racing lightweights is a ton of fun, but sometimes it’s nice to get on the R1 and stretch its legs on those long Road America straights.

Next up is the CCS Mid-West finale at Blackhawk Farms next month, which looks like it will also be Tyne’s return to the race grid.  We’re both looking forward to it, and hope to see you there!


Yet another massive thank you to all who support our racing efforts — this would be absolutely impossible without you!


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