Why Do You Race?

I sometimes get asked why I race. Especially when I’m still a fairly new rider working on making lots of improvements during track and practice days.  I’m not saying you can only get these during racing, I’m just giving a few of my personal whys (in no particular order). Competition. […]

My Biggest Motorcycling Worry

My greatest anxiety/worry during a track day or race weekend is navigating the pit area. I’m a “vertically challenged” motorcyclist, and little things like knowing exactly how I’m going to get on and off the bike make my stomach churn if I don’t have a solid plan. I have driven […]

Shifting into 2017

We had a couple busy weekends in January while we attended the 2016 AMA Champions banquet in Columbus, Ohio, and the CCS Midwest Region banquet in Lake Delevan, Wisconsin. I’m really glad we decided to make the trip for the AMA celebration. I earned the invite after finishing in second […]

Remembering Dad

I’ve been searching all year for some way to honor my Dad, so that he’s always riding with me. Banjo was a part of his identity, and one of my favorite photos is him playing to me when I was a kid. When I saw this sticker of an adult panda […]

JP43 Training with Jason Pridmore

On Wednesday August 24th, I had the privilege of taking the Jason Pridmore’s JP 43 Training put on by MotoVid.com. I wasn’t going to do it this year, until I heard that one of my racing heroes, Caroline Olsen, would be a guest instructor. Don’t get me wrong, Jason Pridmore […]