Tyné’s Perspective

Testing the Wrist

Although Sept 6th was my first return to the track, I feel that Sept 30th was my first actual day to test my wrist. I was at Blackhawk Farms again, with MotoVid.com. We had brought the GSXR 600 along at the final CCS round, and thanks to TSE were able to […]

16 weeks is too long!

Injuries are a part of life, and a big part of every sport. Injuries happen as accidents, as acts of stupidity, through the fault of others, through the fault of no one, through mechanical failure, through mental fatigue. So it’s not a question of “if” you get injured, the better […]


First in a new series on Pirate Dog Moto…. This is Tyné, and I will be adding my voice and perspectives about this racing season. As a first year racer and a female in a male dominated sport, I want to share my experiences in the hope that it might […]